Right Place, Right Time

Like I said before, there are no hard fast rules about making contact with potential clients. Give yourself a budget and consider all options. Spread your hard earned cash as thickly or thinly as you like but be aware of what each opportunity, done well, could bring to the table (and what it cannot do!).

Much will depend on what type of client you are hoping to attract. Local or national, retail or business to business, service sector or manufacturer, the list goes on. When you can specify your target audience you can tailor your approach to suit.

Starting with the most expensive we have advertising in local or national media, direct mail, telesales, email marketing, blog, PR/social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc.). Any of these might encourage a new customer to contact you directly. But they are more likely to be a step in the right direction, a step that you need to be ready for.

Of course the next step will be your website. Your website will be your backbone. You won’t survive without one. It is the reference point for all new and existing customers. It is where potential customers are most likely to go to find out more about you. On here you can explain yourself, tell of new developments and most importantly, sell your products (if that’s what you do).

However, there is another way – networking. Get yourself in front of likeminded individuals and tell them about your business. They might be interested in using your products or services themselves. However, they are much more likely to know someone who would be interested and they could pass your name forward.

There are no guarantees with any of these but they will put you in a position to increase your business. They can set you up for more sales, new contacts or more clients. They can also do the opposite if you’re not careful!

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